We will provide truly effective, scientifically proven technology to make possible the highest quality of indoor air to the world!



We will provide truly effective, scientifically proven technology
to make possible the highest quality of indoor air to the world!
Our motto, “Your Safety... is the Heart of Our Business” ® is the
motivator to inspire True Science,Technology Done Right LLC to
either deactivate contaminants in our indoor air or to provide a
warning of their harmful presence in our breathable indoor spaces.

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Thomas Quinlan

Indoor Air Environmentalist, Inventor, and Author

Tom’s interest in the field of Atmospheric Pressure started in 1966 while working for McDonnell Douglas in the Mojave Desert for a two-year study for future flights to Mars. In the 70’s and 80’s Tom was involved with Aero Space Guidance and Control Systems at Litton Industries in California and Fuel Systems for Beech Aircraft in Boulder, Colorado.

In 1992 Tom entered the Gas Appliance industry and has accumulated 33 certifications in Indoor Home Environment, Carbon Monoxide Combustion Safety. He has taught over 150 seminars to Fire Departments, Property Management Companies, and Home Inspection Associations. His seminars were qualified to provide certificates for further education for professionals such as REALTORS and Home Inspectors.

In 1996 the Colorado Heath Department asked Tom to do a study on low-level Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning from the Vent Free Gas Fireplace Industry. This study revealed that all gas fireplaces were leaking low levels of CO affecting the quality of life to the consumer. The most vulnerable people were fetuses, young children, the elderly, and our pets. Tom was declared by the courts of Colorado to be an expert witness in 2004.

Every year after 1996 Tom found that out of the 50,000 gas appliances he serviced through 2007, 80% were leaking low levels of Carbon Monoxide (the silent killer) into people’s breathable indoor air space. Tom has been a Certified Indoor Air Specialist since 2010. Tom has conducted over 100,000 testing hours from EPA approved labs, USA university, manufacturing plants, and true living environments.

In 2007 Tom invented a technology that will reduce Low-Level Carbon Monoxide in the home by 95%. A few years later in 2009 he also invented a technology that reduces Radon presence in the home. In 2018 Tom invented a sensor that provides early warning of indoor air pollution.

Presently Tom owns True Science-Technology Done Right LLC a company dedicated to research and development of products that actually help us breathe healthy indoor air. TS-TDR sells off individual inventions to companies that are compatible with his motto “Your Safety… is the Heart of our Business” ®, with “Technology just beyond your Imagination” TM.