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TOP 5 questions about our Air Technology

What is the practical difference between our technology and the other air cleaners on the market?


Our technology proactively goes in the breathable indoor air spaces and deactivates contaminants. The other products on the market pull the air into their housings attempting to trap and filter contaminants or need the contaminants to come within and remain long enough to be acted upon. 


Can our technology clean surfaces?


Yes!  The other technologies cannot pull contaminants off a surface and into their housing.  Some even deposit clusters of contaminants onto surfaces.


So what is the advantage to breathing our technology purified air?  


Your respiratory, immune system and neurological system experience relief and rest allowing for natural healing and restoration.  We live in a time in modern history where the three human protective systems finally get some support, first time since 1973. 


What advantage is there to these three protective systems being at full strength?


You can experience natural relief of asthma and allergy symptoms without medication. Medication may help asthma and allergies but come with side effects with prolonged use.


Does our technology have any side effects? 


No bad side effects, only relief of ailment symptoms and a healthy breathable air space to live in.

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