Colorado Health Dept. commissions Thomas Quinlan in 1996 for a study of the effects of LOW-LEVEL Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the home. Thomas has since 1993 has been awarded 33 certifications in Carbon Monoxide, indoor air quality, mold, venting, natural gas, and butane.


Company Created 

Oct 2007

Product Prototypes finished

Apr 2008 - May 2014

Added 11 more versions

2009 - 2011

Radon testing completed and H.A.D testing completed. 

March 2010

Packaging design completed, manufacture secured, and distribution secured. 

March 2010

St. Johns University Radon testing completed and H.A.D testing completed

2011 - 2014

Air Purifier tested in two separate Animal Shelters

June 2011

Life Force Sensor Carbon Monoxide testing Microbac Labs

Aug 2011

Life Force Sensor successfully showed in Las Vegas

Sept. 2011

Skin Flora completed Reservoies Env. Labs

2012 - 2016

Air Purifier tested in two separate floral retail shops

Feb. 2013

Thomas Quinlan Carbon Monoxide discoveries published 

July 2014

Begin showing product at trade shows and conventions

April 2015

Presentation Air Purification and Healthy Air Device Produced

Dec. 2016

Air Purifier Modified for food transportation

Nov. 2017

Slim Air Purifier development

May 2018

Ambient Air Carbon Monoxide Sensor H.A.D. designed and tested

June 2019

Carbon Monoxide portable burn chamber created