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The Healthy Air Device 


The Healthy Air Device (HAD) is a True Science: Technology Done Right LLC commitment to Breaking the silence of the silent killer ™ – Carbon Monoxide (CO). 


The HAD is an indoor healthy air device that assures a healthy indoor air environment and provides freedom from carbon monoxide. 


This is accomplished when the device breathes the same indoor air as the occupants and when levels of carbon monoxide parts per million (ppm) reach an unhealthy level, the device sounds a safety signal.


The HAD is a stand-alone device that is in an industry of its own -- one of a kind technology.


While traditional store-bought carbon monoxide alarms warn you when levels become too high, the HAD addresses the separate issue of monitoring indoor air regarding carbon monoxide invasion inside buildings. It notifies occupants before the situation reaches an emergency health threat where lives may be lost


A snapshot of some positive advantages to a HAD device:

  • Creates an effect that enables it to monitor indoor air quality 

  • Installation is in the most strategic location where it breathes the air similar to occupants

  • Activates up to 4 hours sooner than a traditional store-bought carbon monoxide alarm

With the HAD installed in any building, it allows for the reduction or prevention of the short term daily negative effects of carbon monoxide exposure including:

  • Headaches 

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Brain fog

  • Damage to soft tissue such as lungs or brain cells     

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)   

  • Problems focusing

and long term effects of continued exposure:

  • Weakening of our immune systems

  • Changes in senses: hearing, vision, smell

Our Healthy Air Device can detect indoor carbon monoxide and assure healthy indoor air that will result in many positive health benefits.

We look forward to scheduling a presentation to introduce the technology that makes our product profoundly and positively different. 

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